Building out the home lab

So I bought a pair of HP Gen 7 DL360 servers from CraigsList. The process was pretty painless and they are decent specs.

      • Xeon L5640 Six Core – 2.27GHz CPU (pair) 
      • 48GB of ECC RAM
      • 146GB of storage space for LVM and local (hoping to increase)

I decided, after trying a few bare metal options, to settle on Proxmox.  Seemed easy to use, it gave me a lot of options from the online web control panel, and installed smooth like butter.  Hot, melty butter.

I am currently working on a list of things to install, VM’s etc, to work with.  Stuff like

      • CentOS
      • pfSense (firewall)
      • Ubuntu Server
      • Windows 10 RDP
      • Graphing
      • Home Automation Systems

Soon will come the install and usage but this is a good start